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Development goals

• consolidate a leading position for Juhang International in supply chain services, logistics services, customs clearance services, enterprise consulting and other industries, etc.

• Become a leading supply chain management company, logistics company, customs brokerage company, corporate consulting management company, cross-border e-commerce integrated services company

Realize the sustainable steady growth of the businesses in various   platforms.

Create the value of the long-term sustainable development

Business strategy

make full use of the existing market position of Juhang International, seizing the growing opportunities  of China supply chain services, logistics services, customs clearance services, cross-border e-commerce market.
Make full use of the existent various business base, provide high quality related products and services for different customers.

Give a full play to the superiority of the Juhang International service platform and the brand influence of the group company.
Strengthen risk management and strengthen the capital control ability.
Implement advanced information technology and system platform management mode.

Strengthen staff training, improve staff quality, staff and enterprise develop together.

Focus on customers, integrity-based services, mutually beneficial  win-win strategy.

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