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Juhang International Wins Award of “National Excellent Customs Clearance Enterpr

Release time:2016-04-12 10:20:00

On April 12th, 2016, the fourth “National Excellent Customs Clearance Enterprise and Outstanding Customs Declarer” award ceremony was held in Zhengzhou of Henan grandly. Award recipients of one hundred excellent customs clearance enterprises and 40 outstanding excellent customs declarer attended the ceremony. Juhang International was privileged to have the honor of “National Excellent Customs Clearance Enterprise” again and be invited attend and accept the award.

China Customs Brokers Association is a national customs industry organization. The selection of “National Excellent Customs Clearance Enterprise and Outstanding Customs Declarer” it sponsored made an all-round comprehensive evaluation for trusty and lawful operation, quality of customs clearance, professional skills, industry’s influence and other aspects of enterprise by panel of judges of General Administration of Customs and industry authority. It is universally accepted as the most authoritative and professional selecting activity.

The selecting activity is held every three years. The fourth “National Excellent Customs Clearance Enterprise and Outstanding Customs Declarer” selecting activity selected 238 “National Excellent Customs Clearance Enterprises” in total. The domestic customs clearance service experience of Juhang for nearly 20 years has been fully recognized by customs, government and industry and it has obtained the honor for two consecutive sessions so far. In the meantime, three customs declarer of Juhang International obtained the title of “National Excellent Customs Declarer”.

The awards ceremony not only proves extraordinary significance of national “Double Excellence Rating”, but also deepens understanding of customs, associations and enterprises of the country. More importantly, it inspires morale of all parties and injects a refreshing force for sustainable development of national foreign trade and customs declaration industry.

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