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Leaders of Shenzhen Customs Brokers Association in Guangdong came to Shenzhen Juhang Customs Affairs Center to Guide the Work

Release time:2016-07-15 10:12:00

In the morning of July 12th, 2016, President Hu Naitao, vice president Huang Hong, vice president Chen Shengping and secretary general Gao Xiaotao of Shenzhen Customs Brokers Association, Huang Hong and their parties visited Customs Affairs Center under Shenzhen Juhang Group, the unit of vice president of association. They carried out discussion with president of our company Zou Yinyi, general manager Hu Xintian, co-founder Fan Xuejun and Chang Huiru. At the forum, Chang Huiru, co-founder of Juhang introduced development history, achievements, situation of business development to leaders of association in the form of pictures and texts and officially submittedSelf-recommendation Report of Applying to be Legal Entity of Shenzhen Customs Brokers Association.

Juhang Customs Affairs Center is located in Sakata of Shenzhen, close to transit hub site of subway line and bus line, so the transportation is convenient.

As one of top three enterprises for customs clearance in customs districts of Shenzhen, the service of Juhang Customs Affairs Center covers every port of the country with total area of 1200 square meters and over 200 professional customs declarers.

Under the challenge of new era, based on philosophy of cloud platform operation, Juhang International Group built Juhang Customs Affairs Center that corresponds to the national integration of customs clearance reform, and makes traditional customs clearance service enter the new O2O model digital and informatization developmental stage.

Juhang Customs Affairs Center relies on strong intelligent customs clearance information platform, focuses on declaration operation and customer service, equips on-site service team in every port of the country, realizes paperless customs clearance work throughout the country and provides customs service with higher efficiency and quality and lower cost by means of online declaration and offline service.

Innovation model of Juhang is well recognized and praised by leaders and their parties of Shenzhen Customs Brokers Association of Guangdong, especially fully recognized development trend of Juhang “intelligent logistics” internationalization. Leaders said after field trip, they knew that Juhang was a genuine international supply chain management enterprise and three major business sectors of Juhang which were “integrated logistics”, “supply chain finance” and “cross-border e-commerce logistics” had begun to take shape; three platforms coordinated to develop, grew rapidly and made a great impact in industry relying on strong IT team with philosophy of “intelligent logistics”. Especially the establishment of Juhang Customs Affairs Center that complies with national integration of customs clearance of General Administration of Customs, three items, single window reform tendency and development of market internet plus large logistics, coupling with their own advantages such as intelligent customs clearance platform, professional mature team of 15 years of work experience, AEO advanced certification makes ithave great development prospective.

Finally, President Hu Naitao made speech. He said that Juhang International developed rapidly and it is pleased that Juhang moved into a higher level no matter in business model or cooperative clients; he fully affirmed the endeavor of Juhang on association affairs; for Juhang’s facing common problems of restricting industry development, association will try to coordinate with relevant departments, play a role of association as a bridge. Association wishes that three business sectors of Juhang could advance side by side and Juhang strive for further improvement in the future.

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