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Leader of Yiwu Bureau of Commerce and His Party Visited Juhang International and Discussed New Opportunities under the New Environment Together

Release time:2016-09-21 10:17:00

Leader of Yiwu Bureau of Commerce and His Party Visited Juhang International and Discussed New Opportunities under the New Environment Together.

In the afternoon of September 19th, 2016, Wang Birong, director of Yiwu Bureau of Commerce of Zhejiang province, Ding Xiaojuan, deputy director of Yiwu Bureau of Commerce of Zhejiang province, Zhu Yongjian, section chief of Import Trade Division, together with Liu Jian, vice president of Asia-pacific journal and his party, visited and investigate headquarter of Juhang International which is located in Ruisi International of Luohu in Shenzhen.

Under the guidance of Zou Yinyi, originator of Juhang International and leaders of relevant business departments, leader of Yiwu Bureau of Commerce and his party visited head office of Juhang International and carried out in-depth discussion on cross-border supply chain new model of Juhang International and Yiwu import and export trade development.

In the middle of meeting, Mr. Wang Birong introduced development status of Yiwu business and trade to us: according to statistics, Yiwu is the city with the most active public e-commerce, best express service, most dynamic online shopping in China in 2015. The business density of domestic trade network ranks top 1 in the country and its business density of foreign trade network ranks top2. It has superior cross-border e-commerce development environment and is in rapid growing stage of development.

Meanwhile, Yiwu welcomes different kinds of new models and new resources to settle there with open posture to promote mutual prosperity of import and export trade and cross-border e-commerce trade.

Mr. Wang Birong introduced preferential policies of Yiwu on promoting import trade

Juhang International also introduced Juhang integrated logistics platform and cross-border e-commerce pattern to guests. Juhang promotes future diversified pattern with its numerous advantages such as exclusive intelligent customs clearance advantage, supply chain advantage, team advantage, etc.

Finally, both sides discussed how to take advantage of integration of customs clearance to promote rapid development of cross-border e-commerce import trade, and provide import micro, small and medium enterprises with new opportunities and markets in new market environment.

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