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2016 Juhang International Staff Travel丨Happy to dash Guizhou

Release time:2016-09-29 10:26:00

Let’s travel to Guizhou

Juhang international annual group tour
starts again!

It has formally started in September and the second batch has set off smoothly

The destination is located in

Graceful and beautiful

Colorful Guizhou


We came across emerald Daqikong and Xiaoqikong

Felt primitive and original Miao Village of a thousand households

Early morning full of sunshine, chickens, dogs and countryside

Ran into rainbow in Huangguoshu Waterfall

In colorful Guizhou with multi-ethnic characteristics
appreciating local customs and practices is a must


“Mountain stream”

Is no longer a classic of Chinese Zither

But a way of drinking

Aching 20 seconds for Hu and Fa

Girls of Miao Village enjoyed themselves

Peers of Juhang also had a good time

Look at these weird Calabash Brothers

Snake spirit seeking to lose weight

Jumped all around the scenic spot
All kinds of shock waves

There are also unavoidable
public displays of affection!!

A large number of little games on curing face blindness

Endless play and incessant walking around and eating

Changwang noodles, fish in sour soup, blood curd, chicken paprika

Guiyang spring roll, bamboo rice, red bayberry soup, fish with bean curd

Streets and lanes, held over the belly

A year of fight, starting off again

Juhang International

2016 Let’s happy to dash Guizhou

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